DiaCam360 Application Release Log

Version (23.7.23)

System change

·         Update to TLS 1.2.

Version (15.8.22)

Bug fix

·         Rapnet feature is not updating or deleting links of selected scans.

Version (19.7.22)

Bug fix

·         Scans are not uploading to external AWS storage when videoNameAsScanName feature is On.

·         Update Company Details to all existing scans is getting stuck because of DB lock and not starting again when the app is loading since the temp folders does not exist.

Version (30.3.22)

New feature

·         New HD picture is created for each scan available through adding /hd at the end of the link.

System change

·         NewData.db is now backed up in backup bucket when the application is closing.

Bug fix

·         CSV and XLS files take too much time because of API reading for each line.

·         New application installation or reinstall does not install the drivers.

·         External account can't download video.

·         External account can't download files and certificate.

·         External account can't open certificate when clicking on the lab link in the table of scans.

·         External account links are missing the bucket's name in the online DB.

·         Scans with special characters in their name cannot be download at all or downloads with wrong name.

Version )2.3.22)

System change

·         Re-arrange the save mechanism of new scans and rename of existing scans in case the name is already exist.

·         Handling stuck scans in "Processing" status without a folder in "camera1" folder.

·         Change mp4 download process to be faster.

·         Fix "Show Mode" status.

Bug fix

·         Recreate mp4 video creates faster video.

·         Edit an existing scan change its fps to 25.

·         External AWS links are saves wrong on the online DB server.

Version (29.12.21)

New feature

·         In Photography Services accounts - right click on a scan under "My Scans" table will open a sub-menu with "Show Contact Details" that will show a popup with the owner of the scan.

·         In Photography Services accounts - right click on a contact under "Manage Contacts" will open a sub-menu with "Show Contact's Scans" that will show all specific contact's scan.

·         Add the option to choose what will be the default link for accounts with more than one storage.

System change

·         Change category name to "Manage Contacts" instead of "Manage Emails" under "App Settings".

·         Change right-click sub-menu "Add Scans to User Account" to "Add Scans to Contact" in Photography Services accounts.

·         Scans upload is done in queue (one by one) instead of parallel when "No Internet" is set in the user's account.

·         Separate the “Path” from the “Public URL” link in external FTP accounts.

·         Add new “Paris” region added to AWS.

Bug fix

·         Right click on contact line under "Manage Contacts" open the sub-menu to all accounts and not only to Photography Services accounts.

·         Link of new scan is regular although it is configured to add the scan/company name under "Settings".

·         Account is marked as "Photography Service" when "No Internet" feature is ON and starting the application with no internet.

·         After new account installation the "Crop" feature is disabled.

·         After new account installation there is no default selection of "Type" and Item" in Scan options.

·         It is possible to create again a pair scan that is already exist.


New feature

·         "Re-create MP4 Video" option was added to the MP4 sub-menu to be able to create the mp4 video again while settings are modified.

System change

·         Add new shapes to the Shape drop down list: Briolette, Bullets, Calf, European Cut, Flanders, Half Moon, Hexagonal, Kite, Lozenge, Octagonal, Old Miner, Pentagonal, Rose, Shield, Star, Trapezoid.

·         Scans limit is now calculated according to the number of scans in the local scans table.

·         Cancel the application's block to close while there are scans in "Processing" and making sure temporary folders under "camera1" are not deleted when the application starts so the Processing stage will start over.

Bug fix

·         Re-activating the DiaCam360 application does not initiate the drivers installation.

·         AWS external accounts can't edit existing scans because of missing or extra '/' in the command,


System change

·         Modify Links under Settings window builds from scratch the links under DiaCamServerPath using AwsFolder and DiaCamServerID.

·         Rewrite the update Rapnet function to send the correct link.

Bug fix

·         In certain settings with white background there is a black line on the right side of the frames

·         Crop window is not centered.

·         Open MP4 Video opens the regular link instead.

·         Company details are not showing in new scans although checked in Settings.

·         Camera is not connected error message.


Bug fix

·         B2C link is not updated in local DB when B2C Automatic Duplicate feature is ON.

·         CSV and XLS files are wrong from multiple cloud accounts.

·         Crush while trying to open the thumbnail under My Scans.

·         Crush when Arduino reports a problem with the motor.

·         Crush while processing is getting false attribute in Preview window.


System change

·         Remove Type and Item columns from the "My Scans" table when screen resolution is low or in minimize window position.

Bug fix

·         Can't search for Pairs in the search field.

·         Sporadic crashes during scan process because of poor memory handling.


System change

·         Move version upgrade controlling to the DB online.

Bug fix

·         Scans stuck on "Waiting to update defaults" after "update all scans" procedure under "Settings" window because of ID=NULL in DB.

·         Out of memory crash because of frames in memory are not released.

·         Resolution problem at 1st generation cameras.


New feature

·         New option to reupload scans to FTP cloud for 2 uploaders accounts by right click on existing scans.

System change

·         Adjust sharpness level to avoid graining.

·         Minor windows adjustments to better fit on different screens resolutions.

Bug fix

·         Fix application getting stuck when canceling a scan in the middle of the process.

·         Fix sporadic crashed due to Arduino communication failure.

·         Fix sporadic crashes due to memory handling issues (since the DiaCam360 application becomes much faster in the new version with the Core).

·         When trying to update only the scan on DiaCam360 cloud, in 2 uploaders accounts, it tries updating also the scan on the FTP cloud and getting stuck.


New feature

·         New automatic procedure in Admin Tab under Settings screen to re-upload scan's pictures from DiaCam360 cloud to FTP server (multiple uploaders).

System change

·         Automatic sharpness applied to save scans for optimum results.

Bug fix

·         Fix application crash when closing the Preview Window and starting a new scan while the 10 sec timer is still on.

·         Information message do not appear when trying to close the application while scans are still processing.

·         Search under Manage Emails is case sensitive.

·         Fix full installation process.


New feature

·         Advanced search panel for multiple attributes search.

·         Improved Crop tool that enables dragging and pulling its frame from the center or its edges.

·         Online Website panel under Settings screen to see login credentials and features.

·         GAI API panel under Settings screen to manage API Key and view limits and usage.

·         Bulk Scans Update with Company Details, View and B2C Settings.

·         Option to control the scan spin speed and update all current scans.

·         Manage saved email addresses under Settings screen.

·         New panels to control each cloud type (DiaCam360, FTP, AWS) under Settings screen.

·         Add "Item" field in Scan Details window to switch between items and types.

·         Admin Tab added under Settings screen to allow different admin operations.

System change

·         New look&feel interface + changing all screens from Windows Forms to WPF.

·         Core management for efficient and faster response.

·         New design for Scan combinations screen.

·         New Website features created on DB to allow controlling Website access and Premium features.


System change

·         Auto Crop starts immediately while checking the feature in the local DB instead of the API.

·         White generic frame is created in case the preview window cannot retrieve all frames.

·         "Is exist" check for new Pair scan is not performed on DiaCam360 cloud storage.

Bug fix

·         GIA certs are not updated under "My Scans" although they are updated in the scan itself.

·         Scans are not uploading due to wrong uploading status in DB.

·         Application crash while editing an existing scan.

·         Can't save or upload new scan with the word "Pair" in it.


New feature

·         Option to send scans to multiple emails.

System change

·         Change mp4 video ratio to 800x600.

·         Move the spin arrows below the button.

·         Add labs API communication to the log.

·         Update user's profile and features in the local DB when the application starts.

·         Build a new JS for Brilliant Earth spinning.

·         Cancel DB and log backups to the cloud when closing the application.

Bug fix

·         Emails popup list is left open after choosing an email from the list.

·         Certificate pdf file is not deleted from DiaCam360 folder in Edit.

·         Scans are duplicated in the DB because they marked as ADD instead of EDIT.

·         Table of scans is "locked" after creating a new pair scan.

·         5 minutes timer is not working after canceling a scan in the middle of the process.

·         Sporadic application crash:

o    Trying to edit an existing scan while in sort or search

o    Clear memory when turning on the camera

o    Can't play one of the frames in the Preview window

o    Can't open or write the scan combination into the DB

o    Can't create the Contact table in the DB for the first time


New feature

·         Bulk Deletion using csv file.

·         MP4 video file and pictures support for pairs.

System change

·         Support for the new GIA API lookups service.

·         Change application to have a CORE and disconnect from the old DB (scansdb.dia).

·         'Delete', 'Update Rapnet', 'Create a Pair', 'Download MP4 Video' and 'Download Files' processes are now running in the background.

·         New design for the Send by Email window.

·         Improve search mechanism in My Scans table for faster response.

·         Copy NewData.db file from server backup when activating an existing customer.

·         Support paused embed with play button for Brilliant Earth.

·         Support mp4 file in API.

·         Update AWS SDK following Amazon changes.

·         Thumbnail changed from zoom file to normal

Bug fix

·         Fix crush because of NULL images in Preview window.

·         Fix crush because of Object reference error.

·         Fix crush because of SQL Cannot access a disposed object.

·         Fix crush because the application is waiting for another frame when closing the app.


Bug fix

·         Fix date format in My Scans table.


System change

·         New GIA Report Check API.


Bug fix

·         Fix crush due to "Object is currently in use elsewhere".

·         Fix crush after the 5 minutes of timer ends.

·         Contacts table is not created for new users.


Bug fix

·         Fix crush due to "Object is currently in use elsewhere" (Preview window).

·         Fix crush due to NULL frame when closing the scan window.

·         Fix crush while trying to edit an existing scan with Girdle-to-Girdle settings.

·         Fix crush while trying to edit an existing scan with a new name.


Bug fix

·         Fix crush due to "Object is currently in use elsewhere" - Preview window.

·         Account's parameters are missing in the local DB for new customers just activated the application.


System change

·         Delete temp folders and files under Camera1 folder each time a scan is ready for upload.

·         When application uploads adding temp names to empty Name fields in DB (No Name1, No Name2 etc.).

Bug fix

·         Fields text in scan's drawer are cut.

·         Retry upload mechanism caused NULL entries in the server DB.

·         SQL database is locked crash.

·         Sorting' is not allowed during an AddNew or EditItem transaction crash.

·         Object is currently in use elsewhere crash.

·         Video files cannot be downloaded because of an empty folder name in local DB.

·         Save button is off in scan's details window if retrieving cert details first.

·         When application opens and start scanning, after the 5 minutes of timer ends there is a blank white window.

·         Embed code is not added to emails when account is on an external AWS cloud.


Bug fix

·         Application is stuck when uploading and NewData.db does not exist since settings.dia is empty.

·         5 min timer is not stopping after starting a scan a crash the application.

·         Sporadic crashes due to uEye and SQL issues.


System change

·         Modify Scan Link process is now updating only NewData.db for fast response.

·         Send by email, export to csv/xls, share via WhatsApp and Facebook and QR code are now using data from NewData.db file.

·         settings.dia file is created from NewData.db every time the application is uploaded.

·         Cancel old Scans Table to all accounts.

·         Server Side - Delete temp DB backup file in Ubuntu. Files are stored in S3.

Bug fix

·         Crash while trying to write into NewData.db while backup of file is ongoing.

·         Crash while trying to load camera settings ini files.

·         Server Side - Embed version is not working if enter (new line) is used in Comments field.


System change

·         Align the backup process of NewData and ScansDB files when application is open, creating a pair, editing a scan and creating new scan.


System change

·         Open for editing the Scan Info text block in Send by Email form.

·         Create a pair now has Item and Type inherited from one of its child. Now those fields and the Comment field can be edited.

·         New “Delete Cert” button added to the scan’s drawer to be able to delete existing cert files.

Bug fix

·         Sporadic crashes because of camera missing frame, sorting table of scans and writing to new DB.

·         Changing the scan Type in scan details page is not saved in the table.


Bug fix

·         Fix retry uploading process after application is closed.


New feature

·         For Public Camera only: create a mechanism to "attach" scans to photography services customers so they will be able to see all their scans in the online page.

System change

·         Add values to the buttons at the beginning of scan (Brightness, Saturation, Red, Green and Blue).

·         Set the mechanism of preventing closing the application while in processing to work with NewData.db instead of scanDb.db.

·         Change "Reply to" to "From" in email window.

·         Make Edit, Create a Pair, Delete and New Scan process to be faster by changing backup procedure.

·         Change to work with new GIA API and now only cert number is necessary.

Bug fix

·         Fix re-activation process through diacam_settings.dia file.

·         Fix crush due to table height in My Scans table.

·         Fix crash due to sorting while edit or new scan.

·         Fix crash due to camera disconnect at the end of the scan process.

·         Fix B2C settings of scans in edit mode are not working although the feature is ON.

·         Server Side: Social and Labs features are not ON when creating new account.

·         Brightness button is not working at the beginning of scan process.

·         Fix automatic features list mechanism update after 12 hours.

·         Fix all buttons are closed while clicking "Reset" on Preview window.

·         After closing the DiaCam360 application the sensitivity is setting back to default level of 60.

· - 5 min timer is not stopping after starting a scan a crash the application.


Bug fix

·         Fix crash when automatically setting the scan details window to full screen.

·         Fix crush in Preview Window due to wrong timer setting of Pro-Toolkit.

·         Fix crash in old My Scans table when editing a scan because of missing cert file handling.

·         Fix crash in old My Scans table when retrieving cert through API.

·         Fix crash while trying to delete temp bmp image file.

·         Fix crash due to upload timer to external cloud. Change to 6 time instead of 4.


New feature

·         Server side: Added an option to reach scans also through the following link structure: https://up.diacam360.com/scan/?user=<user_id>&scan=<Scan_Name>.

System change

·         Maximize scans details window to show missing Save and Cancel buttons in specific small screens.

·         Change B2C and Rapnet settings to reflect the status of the feature in the server.

·         Eliminate Save and Cancel buttons functionality in scan details page while retrieving cert data.

·         Move all labs API to work through the server for better control and manipulation.

·         Add GIA API for colored diamond identification and origin reports.

·         Server side: the name of the single scan is added to the embed html of pair scan.

·         Cancel old scan options window also for accounts with "entitled for upgrade"=0.

·         Change % Rap field name to % Discount.

·         Add Labs feature to control labs API functionality.

·         Add Social feature to control sharing via Facebook and WhatsApp functionality.

Bug fix

·         Fix sorting of Weight field in "My Scans" table.

·         Fix search of weight not showing results.

·         Fix application crash while doing sort after pair scan creation.

·         Server side: fix problem to open PDF cert files in Android phones.

·         External AWS credentials under Settings are deleted when closing the application.


New feature

·         Saving all email addresses used in "send by email" feature into the NewData.db and showing them in a drop-down menu for easy access and creating an auto complete mechanism.

·         B2C settings added to the "Settings" -> "Scan Defaults" window.

·         Add a reference to get the images of pair scan by adding A or B divider. e.g. <link>/img/a/001.jpg

·         Now it is possible to edit and change a pair scan's settings (B2C & view options).

System change

·         Client & Server side: A new algorithm for creating a pair scan according to the single scans' settings.

·         Cancel options for 125% and 150% view size.

·         Increase by 5 seconds the automatic electricity cut-off at the end of a scan.

·         Migrate all setting and user parameters from simple settings.dia file to the NewData.db

·         Pro-Toolkit is always True in the application and disabled as a feature.

·         Enable extended log file.

·         Change Pro-Toolkit filters change timer to be 3 seconds after the last click.

·         Change default Sharpness level to 4 instead of 3.

·         Add GCAL to lab list.

·         New "Please Wait" message when closing the application.

·         Now when downloading files of scans the certificate, if exist, is added too.

·         Change NewData.db backup at application start to be async and only if it is new or changed.

Bug fix

·         Server side: Open jpg and png certs in 100% view when using /cert in the link.

·         Fix sorting table of scans by Weight.

·         Fix sorting table of scans by Clarity.

·         Fix application crush while saving more than two mp4 videos of scans with an existing name of file.

·         When changing data during edit and clicking "Edit" on other scan, although answering "Yes" to discard changes the new data of the first scan is not changed back until the application is started again.

·         Lab name is case sensitive preventing from retrieving details if not entered as in the drop-down list.

·         Application crash while few scans are uploading and trying to create new scan because the DB is in use.

·         Application crash while preview window is opened since a file is being used by other application (like AntiVirus) or while during picture clone.

·         Fix backup of log file is not done when closing the application because it was defined as a-synced process.

·         Remove the backup of scansdb.dia potentially causing errors and backup only BackupNewData.db.

·         Server side: Change the meta image link on the html from a direct link to the php link so the thumbnails will appear in WhatsApp, Facebook and sending scans by email.

·         Downloading mp4 videos fails because of missing server folder written in the local DB.

·         Upgrade fails because of apostrophe (') in company name.

·         FTP credentials under Settings are deleted when closing the application.

·         Counter of scans is wrong in warning message when deleting scan with their pair scans.

·         When downloading MP4 videos of scans with the same name only one video is saved. Now it will add underscore and number for each scan with the same name (e.g. _1).


Bug fix

·         Fix some resolution problems in table of scans and scan windows.

·         An extra ; is added in the beginning of a link when sending an email with the mp4 link in external storage accounts.

·         Application crash while clicking on link in scan table.

·         Application crash while stopping scan and camera in not answering.


Bug fix

·         Crash during upload scans because of date issues when writing data in old DB.

·         Crash while closing the application because the camera is sending a null picture.

·         Crash while there is a multiple writing into the DB for multiple scans.


Bug fix

·         Fix wrong ini file upload to the camera.

·         Fix bright.ini is not uploading in first scan phase.

·         Fix missing frames in finished scans because of date issue to update the old DB.


Bug fix

·         Fix wrong http/https URL for accounts with external AWS storage.


Bug fix

·         Fix application crash while editing an existing scan during search.

·         Fix application "stuck" for a long time after first upgrade to the new DB.

·         Fix empty scan link for new scans created for specific accounts.